Romania is a new member of the European Union (since 1-January-2007) which represents stability and a warranty for any investment. With a population of over 22 milion people and an area of 238391 km2 it represents an enormous market.
     The current nominal GDP per capita is at $8744 much lower then the medium EU one at $33482 and since the goal is the convergence, this presents Romania with great growth opportunities in income increase. Also the fact that the total credit issued to the population is only 10% of the GDP compared to 55% in the EuroZone, or even 75% in the UK, is another factor which shows the potential of the romanian credit market and translates automatically in future high increases in real estate prices. These figures where taken from this Study of the National Bank of Romania.


     Best case scenario: You bought a property with 0.3 EUR/m2 4 years ago in a very promising location and sold it after 3 years with 8 EUR/m2 thus having a profit of 2500%. Worst case scenario: You bought some land in a far-off village 2 years ago with 200 EUR/10000m2 and sell it now with 400 EUR/10000m2 and receiving only a 100% profit.
     The most realistic approach nowadays is to buy some agricultural land with 1 EUR/m2 near a prosperous industrial city and sell it in 2 years with 5 EUR/m2 thus collecting a 400% profit.


     Indeed there where enormous increases in land-prices everywhere in this country but some regions have been more lucky then others. There have been increases of over 100000% on the seaside but also increases of only 300% in the agricultural areas in the south over the past 5 years. Check out this list of cities in Romania for a better look. Keep in mind that only the 15 cities with more than 150000 inhabitants present real investment opportunity.
     We recommand buying agricultural land in a radius of 10-15 km of the main cities from the above list. The lower number of inhabitants the city has, the smaller the radius should be. Agricultural land has far bigger potential in price increase than the developed areas because it can be bought mostly "first-hand" from the original owners thus reducing the starting capital and it may be developed into new residential areas or residential and industrial areas may arise next to it very soon, thus increasing its value.


     Instead of choosing to invest through "Real estate investment fonds" that will keep the most part of the profit for themselves and give the most 20-30% gain on investment over 2-3 years you can choose to invest directly and take the whole profit for yourself.
     If you are interested in investing in this country you can contact us directly (by using the contact menu button). For current special offers you can check out the offers menu. For romanian legislation and taxes regarding the transaction of properties you can check out the legislation menu and taxes menu respectively.